A Story of Dates


Datella grew out of the desire to find a delicious treat that would satisfy our daily sugar cravings yet be nutritious and healthy. We obsessed over this idea until our quest led us to dates. Rich in energy and sweet like honey - dates are the perfect natural treat. 

Our connection with dates began while we were growing up in Saudi Arabia. Dates were a staple complimented with ‘qahwa’ (Arabic coffee). In fact, some of our fondest memories are the days spent with family and friends, gathered around a table in the midst of deep conversation gouging on date after date.

In the last two years we have traveled far to meet with local farmers in Madina and Qassim, Saudi Arabia to source the finest and freshest of dates. Each date in our store has been handpicked, washed and packaged with care to bring you a delectable treat for your table.